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John (aka: Strataman) was born in Palmyra, NJ.
Spent weekends at his Grandmom's house in Barnsboro, NJ next to the famous Marl Pits of the West Jersey Marl Company and Inversand. Studied microbiology at Rutgers University and took a few courses in geology. At an early age his father took John hunting for fossils in NJ. Self-taught geology. Hardcore fossil collecting in 1994 and started his interest in vertebrate ichnology in 1998.
Please feel free to e-mail John with questions.
If fossils present on the surface (ground level) were to be left alone they would degrade through natural processes of weathering and erosion.  It is only those fossils buried hundreds of feet deep in the earth that remain unharmed.  So fossil collecting must not be restricted because it limits the knowledge base we have.  With that, it should be in the interest of every professional and amateur to collect and describe the fossils they find.  Fossils should be shared or presented to the scientific community before they are sold or kept in a private collection.  Hence the purpose of this site is to share our information and web research on fossils.  We know there are a lot of beautiful specimens in the hands of amateurs like ourselves that need to be shared.  There's a lot we can learn from specimens that, if not for the Web, could not be easily seen. Henry was born in Spain and raised in NY and
NJ. Received a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Steven's University, and is self-taught in paleontology. Interested in fossils since the age of five thanks to his Dad. And Henry is passing this interest on to his son Brandon. Became interested in vertebrate ichnology thanks to John in 2000. Major interest is in vertebrate ichnology and shark teeth from NJ.
Please feel free to e-mail Henry with questions.
Please feel free to e-mail us with questions or suggestions.  We love a good "fossil" story.
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Major Points of Interests

Shark Teeth from
New Jersey
Fossils from
Fossils from
Fossils from
Fossils from
Fossils from

Other Points of Interests
Fossils from
Fossils from
New York
Shark Teeth from
the Carolinas
Amber from
New Jersey
Copal from
Amber from
Dominican Rep.


Fossil Preparation
/ Conservation
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About Geology

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