Fossils From Morocco
Trilobites - Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian of Morocco (443 - 354 mya)  
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Actinopeltis, Andalsiana, Asaphus(asaphellus) ssp, Calymenella, Cerarus, Ceratarges, Cheirurid (possible Cyrtometopus), Cnemidopyge, Cnemidopyge, Coltraneia prorotundifrons (could be a oufateneusis) formally Treveropyge, Comanchia, Comura Bultyncki, Comura cometa, Comura trident, Cornuproetus ssp., Crotalocephalus (this specimen has a hypostoma which is in fine condition), Crotalocephalus gibbus? or ssp., Cyphaspis, Cyphaspis (rare - double spined), Cryphina, Daguinaspis, Dicranurus monstrosus, Dikelokephalina, Dimuproetus ssp.(long nose), Drotops, Eudolatites sp type 1.
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Harpes Perradiatus, Kingaspis, Leonaspis sub species (missing spine), Leonaspis sub species, Metacanthina issoumourensis, Metacanthina issoumourensis, Morocconites malladoides, Neometacanthina, Neometacanthina.
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Onnia superba, Parahomalonotus, Paralejurus, Phacops, Proetid Cyphaspis (also was known as Otarion), Reedops, Scabriscutellum ssp. (there is debate at present over the actual sub species name, this in the past was called a funciferum), Scabriscutellum, Selenopeltis, Synhhomolonoyus sp.
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Thysanopeltis, Tropidocoryphe, Walliserops trifurcates, Walliserops trifurcates, Zlichovaspis rugosa.
Mosasaur - Cretaceous (Maastrichtian Fm) of Khouribga, Morocco (70 mya)  

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