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Please note that I do not receive any money, credit or gifts for posting products on this webpage. These are the tools that I use and honestly recommend. You can contact me if you have a recommendation worth mentioning. I post this information for information purposes only. I take no responsibility if you experience different results. Always be careful when using these tools. Wear protective gear (such as gloves and safety goggles) to protect yourself from flying debris.

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A modified wheelbarrow purchased from Home Depot for $40 (in 2006), re-designed to carry 100 lb. slabs and fit in the front seat of my Honda Accord. The long bolts that came with the wheelbarrow need to be cut shorter or replaced.

The Dewalt DC410 was regretful $200 purchase (in 2005). This cordless cutoff saw is lightweight and easy to carry but only makes a cut about 3/4 inch deep. The reason why I don't recommend this tool is because it does not blow away the dust generated during cutting. Even more so, the battery fails on very cold days or is short lived on warm days.

If you want chisels or pry bars I strongly recommend this link (http://www.geo-tools.com/products.htm). I love the "Geo-tools Thin, Rock Splitting Chisels". I also recommend their nerdy looking "Geologist Rock Pack" to carry heavy slabs; I own one and plan to die it black.

I recommend a 24 oz. chisel point rock hammer with a metal handle and cushion grip. There are two reasons why you would want the metal handle. One, I have broken many wooden handles on that hard Connecticut Jurassic sandstone. Two, the extra weight at the end of the handle keeps the hammer in the belt loop (if you use one to carry tools). Don't use a hammer with a "pick" point. The pick will cause the slab to break and not cleave.

I recommend a GSP unit. I own a Garmin etrex Vista. Paper maps are equally important.

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