Fossils From Europe (UNDER-CONSTRUCTION)
The fossils here were aquired by trade, were gifted, or found by me!

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Seven ammonites from France (0.5" - 1.0" wide). Thanks Michael.
Three belemnites from France (1.5" - 4.0"). Thanks Michael.
An amphibien footprint from France (1.25"). Permian period. Thanks Michael.
Two large clams free of matrix. The one on the left is Ron's (6" wide) and one on the right is from Spain (4.5" wide).
Junganensis Sp (3.5"). 40 MYA, late Eocene. From the Hunan Province. Thanks Jill.
Ammonite nodule, Dactylioceras Sp (2.6"). 180 MYA, early Jurassic. From Yorkshire N. England. Thanks Jill.
Pliocene pelecypods and gastropods fossils from Antwerp, Belgium and dumped in Doel. Found in Jan 2004 at a construction site in Antwerp and at a dump site in Doel.

Henry heads out to Indiana
Henry and John head out to the Southeast corner of Utah in 2006 and view four footprint sites
Henry heads out to the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits (Page Museum)
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