Fossils from Turbotsville, PA
All fossils here at the exposure are from the lower member of the Middle Devonian Mahantango Formation (395 mya, Devonian).

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Three crinoid root holdfasts, roots and stems. Click here to read more on the crinoids
Heterophrentis (horn coral) in and free of matrix.
Two unknown fossils. What type of animal were they? [Send me e-mail]
Aulopora is a branching coral. The circular areas are where the coral polyps were located.
Mucrospirifer mucronatus, Mediospirifer audaculus, Ambocoelia umbonata, and Athyris spiriferoides.
Phacops rana, the state fossil of Pennsylvania, trilobite death plate and close-ups.
My first whole trilobite. Click here to read more on the trilobites

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